Monthly Archives: May 2018

Electric Fireplace Wars and Decorates Your Home

Looking for a fireplace without the hassle? An electric fireplace could have the answer to your needs because they are portable, affordable and more convenient than other types. Electric fireplaces are basically decorative electric heaters that have the look of a traditional fireplace. Through the use of modern technology, colored electric lights create the effect […]

Understanding HVAC Transformers

A transformer is an inductive stationary device designed to transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another. Each transformer contains a primary and secondary winding. A changing in voltage applied to one of the windings induces a current to flow in the other windings. In this manner, electrical energy is transferred from one circuit to […]

How Electric Fireplaces Work

More and more homes are using electric fireplaces instead of the traditional wood-burning or gas powered fireplaces. You may have even seen one without realizing it. Most home appliances and accessories have gone electric, but nothing rivals the electric fireplace’s ability to aesthetically imitate its predecessor. The warmth and glow of a fire invokes the […]